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Marukaite Chikyuu~
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Merry Secret Christmas by claimed-by-russia Merry Secret Christmas :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 9 15 floridaaaa by claimed-by-russia floridaaaa :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 8 36
fan fic meme XD .:kinda WIP:.
AN: I was so bored XD and my head hurts from all the brick'ds imma get~ AND if I offend anyone with my dumb over use of "crokey" I'm sorry XD I don't mean to hurt anybody... It's just my favorite word now XD
Okay, name 12 of your favorite characters in any order!
1. Turkey
2. Russia
3. Germany
4. Greece
5. Rome
6. France
7. Spain
8. Gupta
9. Austria
10. Australia
11. Netherlands
12. Romano
1) have you read a five/ten fic before?
Rome/australia?? XD nope but I think it would be pretty interesting.......crokey!
2) do you think three is hot? How hot?
*blush* Germany? ...............*died*
3) what would happen if six got one preggers?
If FRANCE got TURKEY pregnant.... Well it makes sense /raape/ but anyways, I think Greek would take japans camera and post 9999 pics of preggy turkey and be all Like "ROFL"
4) do you recall any good Fics about nine?
Austria....hmm...... Yes actually XD he had no problem seducing Germany~ *brick'd*
5) would seven and two make a good couple?
Spain/Russia... Mak
:iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 4 25
kitty doodles by claimed-by-russia kitty doodles :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 16 16
lol greeturk dumb drabble
Greece groaned. He hated these days. " oh Greece~ come on!" turkey whined in betwen pants "I-Im going as fast as I can go!!" Greece snarled back wiping the sweat from his forehead "oh please~ I can beat you by a mile lazy ass" the Turk chuckled biting his lip "in your dreams sadik" "i personally think you will have the dream first"Greece whined "w-whatever! D-don't your legs hurt?!" turkey rolled his eyes "barely! C'mon just a little longer~" fixing his mask he spoke again "maybe if you didn't sleep so much you would be much better at this"  "shut up pervert! How much longer?" Greece growled "only one more minute! This would be alot more enjoyable without your bickering" turkey mumbled puckering his lips. Greece groaned and threw his head back "im the one bickering?" "yes. I'm actually TRYING to enjoy this" turkey hissed as greeced huffed and stopped the tredmile, turkey stopped as well with a pittiful sigh. Greece leaned on turkeys sholder panting hardly, who also was pantin
:iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 9 16
America sighed, it was a long stupid day. Too much fighting, papers, talking….. He couldn't even enjoy 15 burgers!! Anyways~  we find America now, trudging through snow to get back to the air port. This years world meeting was held in Russia so that didn't really make this experience much better. It was cold, dry, and snow covered everything you could think of. "…damn commie bastard…." he mumbled shivering, recently just got kicked out of a warm taxi that unfortunately doesn't take American money. Looking up America saw a sign, it was Russian but it had a picture of a airplane so it was recognizable for him "f-finally!!" he said happily laughing out, but only to be choked by the cold air…..again.
Dragging his luggage up to the front of the air port, England shivered snuggling more into his scarf that he had made before when he was younger. Luckily he had come prepared, he had some local money on him so getting around was not much of a hassle (unlike Americ
:iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 3 5
pandas aru by claimed-by-russia pandas aru :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 24 16 prussia PWN3S by claimed-by-russia prussia PWN3S :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 110 73 russia glomp by claimed-by-russia russia glomp :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 48 59 birdie by claimed-by-russia birdie :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 11 13 USUK mochi X3 by claimed-by-russia USUK mochi X3 :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 29 16 russia dumps by claimed-by-russia russia dumps :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 8 18
recovery .:Canada x Reader:.
Sadly you find yourself at a local pub sighing you put lower your head on your hands "god help me" you have been suffering with a big hole in your heart from a recent break-up. Sighing again you take another sip from the beer you had been holding for a while; tears role down your face as you grit your teeth from the horrible pain. Half finished with the beer a small white bear walks up to you and sits next to you "who are you?" the bear said calmly, looking at the bear with saoked eyes you just thought to your self 'danm im already drunk? What's in this beer?' holding up the beer you looked at it carefully and the bear just calmly got off and spoke again "bye." and walked off to a table. Watching him walk to the table you think again 'what a bear…." but you see the bear go into the hands of another man who had been depressed as well, you just decided to go back to sulking, hoping to pass out soon…. But the curiosity is killing you 'who is that guy? Why does he have a bear?' y
:iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 176 105
promise .:russia x reader:.
It sure is dark, you think while walking into the local park. Looking around , no one except some punk teens are there in the park. You spotted a nice bench with a light pole just above it, showering the bench with a beam of dim light. You decide it's a pretty good place to sit after all that happened today, remembering the past you giggle as you take out a small note book filled with doodles and writings; flipping to a blank page you decide to doodle a small sunflower in the middle of the note page; a slight wave of cold air hits you almost flipping the pages "woah, lemme get a jacket" you mumbled as you reached into your small bag looking for a sweater or anything that could warm you up "danm it!! Left it at home", suddenly a warm vodka smelling scarf settles softly around your neck , warming you up a little more. Frightened you look up to see who was doing that, a tall man with a cute childish smile across his face "you seem cold da~" guessing he was Russian you blush a little bit a
:iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 412 244
that one fangirl by claimed-by-russia that one fangirl :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 20 96 one with russia by claimed-by-russia one with russia :iconclaimed-by-russia:claimed-by-russia 130 192
please comment before favoriting ^^
i LOVE hearing feed back about my work~ crtiques are welcome as well! each comment is a boost of enthusiasm and education! feel free to point out any problems in my work~ just as long as you still have something nice to say~ im really sensitive and dont like mean comments :c so yeah~ please tell me how you think! im not begging you nor saying you have to, but it would be nice to do so~


Sherlock Holmes - Line by Bayou-Kun Sherlock Holmes - Line :iconbayou-kun:Bayou-Kun 629 117 APH - Turkey by sinoaXu APH - Turkey :iconsinoaxu:sinoaXu 318 55
For Posterity: Part 3
Entry 8
To my surprise, the celebration went on after I finished my writing last night. Romulus helped me feel right at home, he kept me close and ignored the beckoning of many guests. He presented me with gifts of wine, fabrics and other countless things. Naturally, I drank cups and cups of wine; It was unbelievably exquisite. Rome said he made it himself and I had never known he had such a talent until last night. Well, there is much I didn't know about him.
Soon, I got giggly and eager to celebrate with the rest of the guests. The lights blurred around me and the people swayed with the music. The overall energy of the party was absorbed into my being. Rome laughed and joined me. For the first time in a while, there was no argument nor war and I was at peace.
I vaguely remember Rome edging us away from the main room, beckoning me to follow him into the shadows into the next room. And then, we ran outside.
My new husband took me to a garden so beautiful that it must h
:iconblacksakuranight:blacksakuranight 5 0
just_wip by KlaudiaK just_wip :iconklaudiak:KlaudiaK 546 130 Sherlock Holmes and dr. Watson - RDJ and JL by MeduZZa13 Sherlock Holmes and dr. Watson - RDJ and JL :iconmeduzza13:MeduZZa13 235 63 On the Side of the Angels by OrminLange On the Side of the Angels :iconorminlange:OrminLange 358 75 double room by queenstardust double room :iconqueenstardust:queenstardust 354 35 BBC Sherlock comic: nice hiding place there. by Graphitekind BBC Sherlock comic: nice hiding place there. :icongraphitekind:Graphitekind 137 30 Sherlock Holmes X John Watson by maXKennedy Sherlock Holmes X John Watson :iconmaxkennedy:maXKennedy 2,229 355 Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock by NidaART Benedict Cumberbatch - Sherlock :iconnidaart:NidaART 35 8 Come Here by dacoolcat Come Here :icondacoolcat:dacoolcat 318 31 The Missing Factor by dacoolcat The Missing Factor :icondacoolcat:dacoolcat 491 63 model herackles by Rikupi model herackles :iconrikupi:Rikupi 97 54 APH - Auf Wiedersehen by FlyingGreyson APH - Auf Wiedersehen :iconflyinggreyson:FlyingGreyson 482 126 Help me to take away the shell by KAKIRIAMETA Help me to take away the shell :iconkakiriameta:KAKIRIAMETA 318 27
my favorites! :icondancingrussiaplz: enjoy~

or else belarus will come :iconbelarusisnearplz:



dxcfhjgvkbhjnlkm;b bm.,/.
  • Listening to: Tarkan
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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
hello, i am a hetalia fan girl :giggle: i love the show and i LOVE russia :giggle: i am calm yet very active when with friends :giggle: i hope you like my art! all comments and favorites mean alot ^^ i love to draw, right and cos-play :giggle: i am a yaoi and yuri fan and my favorite couples are:
alot of people tell me im really nice~ and have a temper when it comes to friends being hurt, but im not an agressive person. i am very calm and quiet~ people say im a girl uke XD i love making friends and talking to people~ feel free to ask me anything i dont bite~ i am a huge pervert at times :iconpervyprussiaplz: and i LOVE LOVE LOVE yaoi hentai, and sometimes even yuri! i love to RP~ i roleplay Italy, Greece, S.Italy, England, Russia, Germany and mama greece ^^

i ALWAYS wear a jacket~ i am never without my lucky jacket and hat~ and i live in the wonderful florida (*shot*america'sherodick*shot*) my hair is very short, and is always with a wierd cowlick somewhere~ it ish very brown with golden tips~ sometimes coverd by my blond america cos-play wig XD

well i think i have said enough, no? well i'll be adding and playing around with the features lator~~
well, as some of you may know... i do have my OC florida 8D now, he is a guy of party!!!! he is always cheerful, and when he is not.... he finds some way to cheer himself up!! and since im really lazy at the moment, i will finish this bio lator XDDDDD or whenever im feeling like it..... oh well XD

:heart::heart::heart:AH YES AND DONT LET ME FORGET MY SEXY SEME SEME :iconkatlovesvegeta: :I ILY SO MUCH MAH BBY <3333 GABI/KAT 4EVER MAH LOVE and i would never forget you :I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever omfg i love her so much, i wish we could share churros with tea :I <333 :iconiloveyouplz: :iconyayrussiaplz: :heart::heart::heart:


well enjoy your stay and dont forget to comment before you favorite :giggle:

thank you!!

Current Residence: russia <3 -florida-
deviantWEAR sizing preference: medeum
Favourite genre of music: tecno
Favourite style of art: anime
Operating System: pencil and photo-shop
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano, touch
Favourite cartoon character: RUSSIA and GERMANY
Personal Quote: the world will be one with russia da,



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